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What did Helen Burns tell Jane about Lowood? Describe Jane's first meeting with Helen.

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Helen Burns told Jane that Lowood was partly a charity school. The money for the students' food and lodging and teaching is mostly donated by benevolent ladies and gentlemen. Most of the students in the school were orphans. Jane also learnt from Helen that Mr Brocklehurst was the treasurer and Manager of Lowood and Miss Temple was his employee.

Jane met Helen Burns in the garden. It was on her first day at Lowood. After lunch Jane came out to the garden. It was a foggy day and there was a light drizzle Jane saw a girl sitting on a stone bench nearly, reading a book. Jane went to her and tried to start a conversation. Jane asked Helen whether the book she was reading was interesting. Helen replied that she liked it.

Then Helen told Jane about Lowood and Mr. Brocklehurst and Miss Temple. She also wanted to know if Jane too was an orphan. Jane replied that both her father and mother had died before she could remember. Helen praised Miss Temple as the best teacher. Then she said that she was an orphan. Her mother had died. Helen told Jane that she had been in the school for two years. Then she went back to reading her books.

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