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'Such was my first day at Lowood'... Describe Jane's first day at Lowood.

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When Jane woke up in the morning of her first day at Lowood she heard a bell ringing. The girls were up and dressing. It was very cold. Jane got up and dressed hurriedly for six girls had to share a wash basin. He bell rang again and the girls marched in a line to the class room. After morning classes were over they marched into another room for breakfast. Jane was very hungry but the food did not at all smell good. She could not eat the food. Several others including a group of older girls also could not eat the food served because of bad taste. The class began at nine o'clock. Maria Temple, the superintendent of Lowood taught them geography. The girls had lessons till twelve o'clock. Then Miss Temple rose and declared that the girls could not eat their breakfast that morning and so she ordered a lunch of bread and cheese for all.

After lunch Jane went out to the garden. In the garden Jane met a fellow student, a girl named Helen Burns who was reading a book. Jane talked to her and from her she came to know that Lowood was partly a charity school and Mr. was the treasurer and manager of the school. In the afternoon class Jane found Helen Burns rebuked by the teacher. After five they had another meal. After that the girls had half an hour's leisure and then they went to study. Next to that they went to study, said their prayers and went to bed.

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