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Describe Jane's Journey to Lowood. Who received her at Lowood and how?

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Four days after her confinement in the red room Jane finally wished goodbye to Gateshead Hall. Bessie the maid saw her off. The couch which was to carry Jane to Lowood drew up. The Coachman lifted Jane inside. The coach passed through several towns. Jane fell asleep and got up only when the coach stopped.

As soon as the coach stopped a person enquired if there was a little girl called Jane. Jane took her to be a servant. That person led Jane into a room with a fire. Very soon two ladies came in. One of them was Miss Temple the superintendent of Lowood and the other was Miss Miller. Miss Temple said that Jane was too young to be left alone. She enquired about Jane's parents. She also asked her how long her parents had been dead, how old she was, what her name was and whether she could read, write and sew. Then she touched Jame's cheek gently with her fingers and hoped that she would be a good girl. Thus Jane was received kindly and treated affectionately by Miss Temple. Jane was then left with Miss Miller who took her to another room where other girls were seated.

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