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Who was Mr. Brocklehurst? What did Jane tell Mrs. Reed after Mr. Brocklehurst left? What did Mrs. Reed reply?

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Mrs. Brocklehurst was a tall, dark man with harsh features. He was the treasurer and manager of Lowood school. Mr. Brocklehurst visited Gateshead hall, the house of Mr. Reed.

Mrs. Reed told Mr. Brocklehurst that Jane was a wicked girl. Jane could not tolerate such a lie told by her aunt. When Mr. Brocklehurst had left and Jane and Mrs. Reed were alone Jane felt the urge to clear her heart. She told Mrs. Reed that as told by her, she (Jane) was not deceitful. She added that if she were deceitful she would have told that she loved Mrs. Reed. She cleared that she did not love her. She added that she disliked her more than anybody in the world. Continuing she said that people might think Mrs. Reed a good woman. But to Jane she was a bad and hardhearted woman because she treated her cruelly.

Mrs. Reed looked frightened. She told Jane that children must be corrected. She asked Jane to return to the nursury and lie down there. Jane begged her to send her to school because she declared that she hated living there. Mrs. Reed agreed to send her to school and left the room.

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