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Describe the red room and Jane's experience in it. Till she was rescued.

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The red room was a cold isolated chamber in Gateshead Hall, the house of Jane's aunt, Mrs. Reed. Nobody ever slept in that room and it was cleaned only once a week by the maid. Mr. Reed died in this room nine years ago.

Jane Eyre was confined in the room because she tried to defend herself when she was attacked by Mr. Reed. With the approach of darkness in the evening Jane felt afraid. The moonlit room and the continuous sound of rain and wind frightened her. Her thoughts turned to superstition. She remembered Mr. Reed who was her mothers brother and who brought her home as an orphan. She feared that the ghost of Mr. Reed would appear in the room. In such a frightened mood she saw a ray of light falling on the wall and she heard the sould of something approaching. Jane rushed to the door and shook it hard. Besse and Abbot came near. and asked Jane if she was ill or hurt. Jane begged them to take her out because she feared that a ghost would come. Then Jane heard the voice of her aunt who said that she (Jane) should be left alone. She added that she hated children lie. All the crying and requests of Jane went vain. The aunt then thrust Jane back inside the room, locked it and went away. She ordered that Jane would stay in the room an hour longer as punishment.

When Jane woke up she found Mr. Lloyd, the local physician bending over her. The doctor asked Bessie to be careful not to disturb Jane and then left.