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What kind of person was John Reed? How did he treat Jane when the latter was reading a book?

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John Reed, son of Mrs. Reed was a schoolboy of fourteen years. He was a wicked and cruel boy with a violent temperament. He was large and stout for his age and ha ate a lot. He was brought home by his mother for a few months because of his 'poor health' John Reed did not like his mother and sisters and he had strong dislike for Jane Eyre. It seems that his mother never checked him for his misbehaviour. He was a bad boy having no love and affection for his sisters and mother.

One cold afternoon Jane and his cousins. Eliza, John and Georgiana could not go out to take a walk. Eliza, John and Georgiana were sitting near their mother in the drawing room. Jane Eyre, a girl of ten who lived in their house was sitting near the window. Mrs. Reed did not allow her to sit close to them because according to her she was not sociable and childlike. After a while Jane slipped into the adjoining room. There was a book case that room and soon she was engrossed in a book. Immediately John Reed cried at her and she came out. He asked her where she was and what she was doing. Jane asked him what he wanted. John demanded that he should be addressed as Master John Reed and added that he wanted her there. When she came near him he struck her suddenly. He demanded to see the book she had been reading. When she showed him the book he told her that being a dependent she had no right to take their books. Then she was asked to stand by the door. When she stood there he hurled the heavy book at her. It hurt her cutting her head and she fell down. Out of pain she called him a wicked boy and a murderer. At this an infuriated John grasped her hair and shouldier. Finally Mrs. Reed and the servants parted them.

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