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Explain major sub-segments in the beauty and wellness sector.

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The beauty and wellness sector has several sub-segments. The major subsegments are the following

1. Beauty centers or salons: Beauty salons provides skin, hair, nail care and other related therapies to improve the overall look of a person.

2. Hair salon: These are specialized salons, which provide services like haircut, hair styling, shampooing, hair coloring, and scalp treatment.

3. Fitness and slimming: It includes service providers in the fields of physical exercises, yoga, aerobics and weight loss and slimming.

4. Rejuvenation centers: This includes the core spa industry services, such as spa operations, spa education, and spa products. The aim of this sector is to provide the relaxing the body and mind.

5. Alternate therapy centers: It includes natural healing methods like crystal healing, cupping and vibration therapy.

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