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Assertion (A): Excess amount of a parathormone in blood causes softening of bones.

Reason (R): Parathormone mobilizes the release of calcium into the blood from the bones.

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Correct option is (a)

Explanation of 'A' & 'R' :- Parathormone, also called as Collip's hormone is released from parathyroid gland. Parathormone (PTH) regulates calcium and phosphate balance between blood and other tissues. In case of hyperparathyroidism excess of parathormrone is secreted. Excess of PTH draws more calcium from the bones. It causes demineralisation, resulting in softening and bending of the bones. Because bones become deformed, they are easily fractured.

Result: Hence, it is proved that both 'A' and 'R' are true and as 'R' is the correct explanation of 'A', so the answer is option (a).