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Rewrite any four of the following sentences as directed:

(a) I know his birthplace. (Turn into simple sentence)

(b) If you do not study hard, you will fail. (Make it a compound sentence)

(c) He leads a most unhappy life. (Turn into exclamatory)

(d) Very few metals are as precious as gold. (Change it into comparative degree)

(e) Only Anita can do this. (Make it negative without changing the meaning)

(f) Who does not wish to be happy? (Make it assertive)

(g) Though he was poor, he was happy. (Make it a simple sentence)

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(a) I know where he lives.

(b) Study hard, or you will fail.

(c) What a most unhappy life he leads!

(d) Gold is more precious than most of the metals.

(e) No one except Anita can do this.

(f) Everyone wishes to be happy.

(g) Despite his poverty, he was happy.

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