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WinWinD is an international wind energy solutions provider with a strong position in the global multi-megawatt market.

WinWinD offers 1 MW and 3 MW wind turbines combined with a variety of product and service options from project development to turn-key construction of wind parks. Our operation and maintenance support services ensure high availability for the customers’ wind turbines.

WinWinD turbines are known for their operational efficiency especially at low wind speeds and the turbines have excellent grid compatibility features.

About WinWinD Energy

The ideology of WinWinD is to always end up in win-win situations; whether if it’s with our customers, partners, the environment or other stakeholders. We reach these targets by being customer oriented, reliable and by offering economically optimized tailor made solutions.

WinWinD have a product with a strong technological concept and an extensive operations and maintenance service network. Our primary focus is to achieve good business results with our customers without forgetting the principles of sustainable development.

WinWinD can be characterized as a global melting pot of high quality and precise way of working, efficiency and engineering expertise.

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